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Although we have literally worked on thousands of cars and trucks over the past 30-plus years, there are always a few memorable jobs that quickly come to mind when asked about our favorite projects.  Here, we have assembled a few examples of recent jobs that fall into this category.  Maybe your car could be next! 

Citroen Driven By Steve Martin in "Pink Panther 2"

One day at the shop, we got a call from a person claiming to be a producer for the movie “Pink Panther 2” asking if we could work on a Citroen.  We were skeptical, of course, but agreed to take a look at the car they had brought to Boston for filming.  When they arrived, we found that they were very much for real and in a tight spot.  Filming was set to start in 3 days and any delays would result in huge additional costs.  They also had no back-up, as this classic car was integral to the story.  With no time to spare, we called on connections in New Jersey and California to have the unique parts shipped overnight to the shop.  We repaired the hydraulic suspension and had the car back to the film crew 12 hours ahead of schedule!

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Classic California Corvette

We assisted a customer from California in purchasing a ’59 Corvette Roadster at an auction in Pennsylvania.  Ken trailered the car to the shop, where he went through it to determine what was needed mechanically to get it in safe driving condition for a cross-country trip.  The customer wanted to fly out to Boston, and then drive the Corvette back to California via the famous Route 66.  After 2 months of mechanical restoration and reconditioning, the car was headed west down the highway.  It completed the 3000-mile trip with no mechanical issues and is currently cruisin’ the streets of San Diego!

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Trip of a Lifetime Taking a Hot Rod to the Bonneville Salt Flats

While this particular "job" was not so much of a job as more of an exciting trip to Wendover, Utah, Ken Makuch and son Matt, and family friend Dave Simard left on a cross country adventure to test a flathead powered 1934 Ford Roadster on the ultimate driving course:  the Bonneville Salt Flats.  The car, which was originally owned by C. W. Scott of California, was last raced in the 90’s when it broke numerous records – some of which still hold today.  When the decision was made to enter it into the 60th Anniversary of the Bonneville Nationals, an event run by the Southern California Timing Association (S.C.T.A.), the team worked feverishly for a month and a half to get the car ready to race.  Dave’s crew completely disassembled and re-assembled the car with a redesigned roll cage, a brand new fire extinguishing system for the cockpit and the engine, an up-to-date restraint system, and all new hardware. 

While Dave was working on the chassis, Ken was working on an engine for the car.  He went with a ’49 Ford flathead that he had recently built for his ’36 5-Window Coupe.  This engine was bored and stroked 3 3/8 inches by 4 3/8 inches with extensive porting and oversized valves.  After disassembling it and installing a new cam, valve springs and high-flow heads, the engine was installed in the car.  To finish it off, a vintage Hillborn mechanical fuel injection with vertex magneto was installed.  The goal was to break the speed record established 11 years prior at 153.6 mph. 

On the first day of racing, it looked like we had a shot at the record with top speeds in the mid 140’s.  After a few more runs on the second day, we took the advice of a friend who had been racing on the flats since the early 80’s and decided to go with a lower octane fuel.  This provided a significant horsepower increase but, ironically, the engine proved to be too powerful and on the last run the second gear of the transmission blew.  However, we still managed to pull off our best run of the day with only first and third gears!  Ken has definitely caught the Bonneville Bug.  He and Dave plan to return next year with a stronger transmission and their sites set on the 154 mph record.

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Just as important as the specialty jobs shown above (perhaps even more important) are the work we do day in and day out servicing and maintaining cars for folks like you.  We are proud of the work that we do and happy that our customers not only entrust their cars to us for their ongoing maintenance needs, but that they are willing and eager to tell others. 

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